October 2009 – Wholistic Health Services Newsletter

Dr. Randy Schaetzke, D.C.
October 2009
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Where do you live?
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Dear Randy,
During these times of economic and health care changes the more you know and can do for yourself the better off you will be. I consider myself to be a “health coach” I don’t heal you, but rather I enable you to heal yourself. After all we all have the innate ability to heal, we just need some assistance from time to time. Please forward this email or printed version to your friends and family. As always your feedback and suggestions are most appreciated.
Dr. Randy

Where Do You Live?

Most of us live in the NQR area and hopefully not in the disease/pathology area. Yet for the most part, we all started in the optimal health area and through the years, we end up coping in the NQR area. We get to the NQR are via,injuries, infections, age,stresses of all kinds, habits, life styles, etc..

The medical profession specializes in the disease/pathology realm. Alternative health care givers work in the NQR area. How often have you heard of someone (maybe you) who went to the MD with symptoms only to be told, “all the tests were normal, go home and call me is it gets worse”? All too often, I’m afraid. Well working in the NQR area is not always easy in that you have less to measure via standard tests. This is where my tools of chiropractic, nutrition, applied kinesiology and Biomerdian come into play. These methods assist me in determining not only what is not “quite right” but also why and what to do about it. Therefore, if you or someone you know is “NQR” they need to do something to handle the situation and prevent the progression toward “Dis-Ease”. This is a battle we all
have to deal with and with health care costs on the rise; it behooves us to be proactive to feel better while saving money and suffering down the road.


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