High quality service, and a few laffs
Dr. Randy gets it done, I found him to be one of the best!!


  • Dr Randy

    He is the best

    Takes his time. Understands the whole body. I never go home disappointed


    B B.

  • Dr Randy

    Best Chiropractor that I have ever been to see

    “Randy” did a good exam on me to determine the real problem. He found it and made it much better. I will have a follow up appointment , which is my decision as he did not request it. “Randy” is the best of the best. Bill Tufts age 79 years Bethel, Vermont I have over the years, been to a lot of doctors who have all helped, but “Randy” is the best.


    Bill T. T.

  • Dr Randy

    The Best

    randy is a miracle worker!


    Gail C.

  • Dr Randy

    Highly professional, but with a sense of humor

    Highly professional, but with a sense of humor. Explained everything as we went along, using applied kinesiology. Demonstrated the differences and strength of my muscles before and after his treatment. Would definitely go again


    Mary S.

  • Dr Randy

    Trusted and dedicated professional service

    We have consulted with Dr. Randy for many years for all of our health needs and concerns, and consistently received service and treatment of the highest quality. He is very knowledgeable, explains his analysis and process clearly during treatments, and does it all with great humor. Do yourself a favor and give him a call.


    Sue B

  • Dr Randy

    Professional, friendly and above & beyond

    Dr. Schaetzke, unlike some chiropractors I’ve gone to, is going above and beyond doing just the usual adjustment and is working to help me find out why my body doesn’t hold adjustments for as long as he thinks it should. I am impressed with someone who will take the time and make the effort to do this and, for the first time, I am hopeful that my discomfort might be resolved for more than just the short term!


    Susan S.

  • Dr Randy

    My Favorite Chiropractor

    Your the best Randy, thank you so much! I feel so much better after my visit with you! I will make sure to rebook!


  • Dr Randy

    excellent chiropractor

    Most thorough chiropractic exam I have ever had. Checked strength of my legs and arms to assess nerve function. Had an acute back injury and was in pain. L5-S1 affected with rt leg weaker than left. After a number of adjustments on initial visit, I can say I am much better. Highly recommend. I am employed as nurse so have high standards.


    Penny W.