High quality service, and a few laffs
Dr. Randy gets it done, I found him to be one of the best!!


  • Dr Randy

    Thousands spent on strange problem

    Hi Randy,

    Greetings from Italy!


    I just wanted to report in on results of our two sessions together in late September. The bottom line is remarkable success!

    To remind you:

    • On January 2, I had an incident of traumatic gut pain aboard a yacht in the British Virgin Islands. In the following 9 months, I experienced daily stomach discomfort with varying symptoms, developed MRI observed mesenteric panniculitis, and suffered below abdomen pain particularly hours after use of alcohol or digestion of excess sugar. In search of answers, I had 2 ER visits, 2 CT scans, 3 MRI exams, 1 endoscopy, 1 colonoscopy and endless consultations with 2 internists, 3 gastroenterologists and 1 urologist. Hospitals involved were Johns Hopkins, Mayo Clinic (Jacksonville) and Mary Hitchcock. Not one of these conventional medical resources gave an credence that I could have a parasite.
    • Over the summer, I made progress with Caroline Craig in WRJ, VT. Her field … visceral manipulation. Symptoms eased, but they were consistently present.
    • And then in September, my Quechee, VT chiropractor tried a “pelvic adjustment” and used kinesiology to identify the probable presence of a parasite and the likelihood that the use of wormwood would drive this parasite out of my body.


    Randy, three days after using wormwood 3 x per day, I felt better. After a 10 day course of supplements, I reintroduced wine and beer to my diet with no ill effect. For over 30 days now, I have had no lower abdomen pain and very little stomach discomfort. I am just now completing my second 10 day (and final) course of wormwood supplements.

    After a nine month detour, I feel like myself again. As I should be, I am a very thankful man. Thanks for being the healer that you are!

    With deepest appreciation and kindest regards


    Lee M.

  • Dr Randy

    Dr. Randy is great at what he does, kind and funny. I always feel much better after my visit with him and am very grateful. Thank you so much and I know the force is with you! Happy Holidays! Cheers,



  • Dr Randy

    Long-time Clients

    Dr. Randy is the best. We have been going to him for many years. He has always treated us with respect. He works hard at trying different things to help my husband and I feel better. When we are not feeling well his knowledge of the body’s system and his experience with alternative, holistic products have helped us greatly. He has the ability to ask the right questions to get to the heart of a matter that could be affecting our bodies and over-all health, i.e., physical and mental. We have recommended Dr. Randy to several people. It is people telling people that helps. I was introduced to him by another patient. He is that good that people want their friends and family going to him.


    Judy S.

  • Dr Randy

    Excellent service, very knowledgeable and experienced practitioner

    Dr. Randy impresses me at every visit with his considerable knowledge, outside-the-box thinking and attentive care. We have used his services for the majority of our health care needs for years and cannot recommend him highly enough.

    Sue B.

  • Dr Randy

    Randy went right to the root of the problem and provided immediate relief.

    Dave B.

  • Dr Randy

    Family adjustment!

    Dr. Randy has been a part of our family health care for the past 6 years. Our children are healthy and thriving and we attribute their health to his skill, attention and adjustments. For each member of our family, we are able to bring any of our health concerns to Dr. Randy and through his chiropractic adjustments and 30+ years of studying health to help us pinpoint what needs to be addressed to support healing. Thank you Dr. Randy for serving our family and community!

    Wendy and Chris B.

  • Dr Randy

    Good stuff

    I have been receiving massage therapy of recent, and decided to add chiro to the brew. Randy knows his stuff 🙂 Kathi in Barnard VT

    Total excellence

    My experience with Dr. Schaetzke was someone who provides comprehensive and wholistic chiropractic care. He is clearly knowledgable and communicates well. This was not my first visit but my first review.


    Frank B.

  • Dr Randy

    Randy is great!

    I’ve been coming to Dr. Schaetze for years now, I always walk out of his office feeling lighter and better! I think of him as a magician sometimes, because he has ways to zero in on the problem and find a way fix it. Highly recommend him!


    Robin N.