February 2009 (Detoxification) – Wholistic Health Services Newsletter

How would you like to Loose weight, Have more energy, Reduce bloating, Have Younger, Healthier looking skin?

Detoxification means removal of toxicsubstances from the body. These toxins are produced by the body or originate from the environment. No matter where they come from your body has to handle them and eliminate them. Our detoxification pathways can be overwhelmed or not as efficient as circumstances necessitate. When this occurs a plethora of symptoms may be realized. Symptoms such as odors, skin blemishes, sluggish digestion, malnutrition, fatigue, weight gain, headaches, irritability, joint problems, depression and just about any malady you can think of can be a manifestation.

Where Toxins Come from:

Exogenous sources (outside the body):

Air (Fragrances, pollution,pollens, molds, aerosols)
Water (fluoride, chlorine, lead, etc.)
Foods (preservatives, additives, sweeteners, fillers, binders, foods you are allergic to)
Habits (smoking, alcohol)
Drugs (recreational,medicinal, pesticides) Environmental ( make-up, deodorants, paints, soap products, hair products, fabric softeners, fire retardants, fabric dyes, etc.)

Endogenous sources (inside the body)
Incomplete digestion/elimination
Metabolic waste/byproducts

Where are toxins stored?
Lymphatic system (drains all tissues of waste products)
Fat cells (many drugs and chemicals are stored here)

How are toxins eliminated?
Liver (primary organ of detoxifying the blood)
Gut/gastrointestinal tract
Skin (largest organ of detoxification)

Types of “detox” procedures:
Fasting, colonics, laxatives, dietary, chelation therapy,sweat programs.

There is no one program that does it all. Chelation therapy is a chemical way of binding up some toxins such as heavy metals so that they can be eliminated. Sweat (sauna) programs are the only way of eliminating toxins
that are stored in fat cells and requires 4-5 hours a day for weeks at a time.

What we are offering at this time is a program that improves your body’s own elimination pathways. Primarily focusing on the liver and gut efficiency and effectiveness. This is a 21 day program of dietary modification and
nutritional supplements. I have chosen a company that uses ONLY whole food supplements as opposed to synthetic nutritional products.

We have free DVD’s and booklets available that explains in detail how to do this program. You can visit this

link for more immediate information as well. Take a peak at the foods you will be eating.

You can do this program at anytime during the year or when you feel you are ready to make a change in your well being.

If you are interested in doing this program now, please send me an email and I will give you more specifics and start you on the program. You don’t have to come into the office either unless you want to have a complementary “body composition” performed (measures weight, % body fat, muscle and water %). The cost of the supplements for the program and unlimited email support is $273 for the full 21 days. If you have any questions you can email me directly.
I’m starting this program too. Will you join me?


Randy Schaetzke, DC, D.I.B.A.K.
Wholistic Health Services


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