April 2009 – Wholistic Health Services Newsletter

Dear Randy,
I just want to thank you for encouraging me to participate in the SP Purification Program. I began it with some doubt that I would be able to complete it. Give up coffee? Not me. I liked my 3-4 cups every morning.

Stop eating meat, fish, chicken for 11 days. Never. I’m blood type O and everyone knows we need red meat to feel good.

So I started the program thinking that I might cheat here and there a bit. The first day I started with the capsules and then had a shake of SP complete and V8 juice with lemon and a piece of celery blended into it. (I
purchased the Magic Bullet at BJs which was well worth the money.)

I made a concoction of brown rice and lentils which I had for lunch along with a salad. Throughout the day I had an apple, banana, whatever fruit happened to be around. At dinner I had a big salad and some cooked
vegetables. For dessert I made my SP shake with 1/2 C of pear juice plus the water, and a handful of frozen fruit (Dole frozen from BJs). It blended up into a nice slurpy that was a nice treat for the evening.

The next day I had no desire for coffee, and that has continued throughout and now even after the program is over I don’t particularly want it. Green tea suffices.

I pretty much followed this same course throughout the first 11 days, just changing the variety of the fruits and vegetable. I made a lot of the rice and lentils, and also mashed sweet potatoes with a dollop of butter (real
butter . . . so glad that was part of the diet). I kept these items in the refrigerator to sort of round out my meals with something filling.

The 12th day I was allowed fish and chicken. I almost forced myself it eat it because I was quite happy with my vegetables and fruit. Rarely did I feel hungry. If I did, I would just make another shake.

So now it’s over, I lost 11 pounds and developed new habits which are continuing. I thought I would look forward to finally being able to have a glass of wine. Nope, hasn’t happened. Coffee, no, not interested. We
had a steak the other day and after 3 oz or so, I didn’t want anymore. I would still like to lose about 15 more lbs, so my husband and I have joined Weight Watchers.

Anyway, thanks for the encouragement. I feel so much better and more energetic. My skin looks a lot better. If you want to use me as a contact, please do so. I’ll be glad to share my experience and answer any


You too can have the same success that Diane had. Call the office for more informations on how to start and do the program.


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