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Thank you for your true kindness and concern. I was very scared and you were able to be there for me. (I really needed that)
Prigael California

I have been very sick. I've spent over $12,000 on medical tests….all I was told was that I have chronic fatigue. I researched kinesiology and decided to try Dr. Schaetzke… I came in a skeptical patient. It felt great to have someone deal with the "whole" of me…you were very specific…gave me some supplements and within 2 days I felt much better.
SD, Enfield

Six months of digestive problems…nothing I ate agreed with me…Dr. Schaetzke gave me a few supplements and now I have increased energy and sleep patterns.
JB, Greensboro, VT

Your knowledge and skill is excellent! I feel better and so does my dog.

Dr. Randy is extremely through and gives treatments with a wonderful sense of humor. The best chiropractor I've been to.
KO, Plymouth

I come here because Dr. Randy tries to find the reason for the problem rather than treat the symptom.
AJ, Enfield

I've been using chiropractors for 49 years, world wide (England, Australia, Switzerland, and USA) I have met no one better than Dr. Schaetzke. Most fall short in getting me better. He gets me feeling better faster and with fewer visits to the office.
GG, Atlanta

Dr. Schaetzke provides alternatives to traditional medicine, hopefully avoiding drugs and there many side effects.

I come to the office for maintenance! Regular adjustments have shown to help me continue all the activities I enjoy.

I come to this office because of the combination of approaches, problem solving/sleuthing, technical knowledge the Dr. Schaetzke uses.
AK, Quechee

I became very ill while living in Morocco. I went to clinics in Switzerland and received excellent care. But on returning to the States recently I went out of my way to see my old friend Dr. Randy. He checked me out and found some things no one else had. I head back to Morocco now, but we'll keep in touch and on the right tract via email.
HW, Morocco

My allergies have bothered me for years. This is the first year that I barely notice them. Thanks,
SB, Quechee

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