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Informed Consent

Non-Covered Services and Products:
Many of the services and products we provide, and / or recommend, are not covered by traditional medical or health insurance and / or benefits. Although we only employ treatments, therapies and diagnostic approaches we feel represent the most efficient and effective way to restore and maintain health, many of these would be considered as "experimental," "unproven" or not of the consensus of medical opinion. We will inform you of those products and services that are not covered should we feel they are necessary in our approach to improving your health. By choosing to be a patient at our office, you are financially responsible for any services or products not covered by insurance. If you have any financial concerns about the costs of your care, please discuss them with one of our financial counselors right away.

However, with that said, we know the reason many of you have decided to partner with us is the goal of improving your health. And we feel that by offering the best of conventional and complementary medicine in an Integrated approach that is holistic, patient centered and effective, is in the best interests of our patients.

Informed Consent:
As a patient, you have the right to know and understand the risks and benefits of every procedure and treatment you undergo. This is termed Informed Consent. We have a full-disclosure policy in this office and will happily discuss any of your concerns, needs or questions in this area. You should know that many of the assessments, treatments and approaches used in this office are not endorsed nor approved by either the FDA (Federal Drug Administration), the AMA (American Medical Association) or any other governing or legislative body. Rather than making you sign another form each and every time we recommend a procedure, treatment, etc. . . we ask that you take personal responsibility in letting us know if you have any questions or concerns. We will assume that if you verbally agree and / or willingly participate in a procedure, treatment, assessment, etc. . . that you where made appropriately aware of the risks and benefits involved. It is your right to refuse, or accept, any treatment or service, so, if you feel uncomfortable and need more information in order to exercise your rights, then let us know immediately.

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