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Symptom Survey Download

Nutrition plays an integral role in the healing process, in the prevention of illness, and in the optimal function of body. In order to focus on the nutritional aspects of holistic patient care, various nutrition assessment components such as medical and dietary history, nutritional assessment, laboratory testing, functional laboratory assessment, and a focused nutrition physical exam are imperative in order to plan and implement an accurate and effective plan of care.

A focused physical examination proves the saying, A picture is worth a thousand words. The physical exam serves both to corroborate findings of nutritional assessment (through questionnaires, history and laboratory or other diagnostic tests) and to raise the index of suspicion of possible problems and guide the clinician where to focus further investigative efforts.

The Symptom Survey provides a scientific, subjective but reproducible system for the evaluation of nutrient imbalances and the balance of bodily organ systems. The Symptom Survey was designed as a collaborative effort, combining the feedback and clinical experiences of numerous leading health professionals, while relying on the validation of thousands of pages of peer reviewed and non-peer reviewed research. To date, it is the most comprehensive and accurate system of its kind that we know of.

Download "The Symptom Survey", print it out & bring the completed survey to your appointment.

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